Olympic Experience 

Today, Willow Class had great fun taking part in an Olympic Experience at Newton Abbot College. We were so lucky with the weather and everyone worked brilliantly in their teams. It was a great day (and we got to keep our t-shirts)!


‘Circuit Training’

We have been exploring our understanding of electricity by making our own circuits. Our challenges included making the bulb light up and using a motor to make the clown’s bow tie spin round. We enjoyed investigating and testing our circuits.

We are all connected!

During our PSHE session this week we looked at how everyone in the world is connected. 

It doesn’t matter where we are from, our race, religion or background, we are all connected. We are all equal. 

We passed a ball of wool around the class to represent this idea and then discussed our thoughts and feelings on this idea and then created a ‘Human race’ collage out of images from newspapers.