Be safe at the beach. 

This morning we had an assembly about being safe while at the beach. 

Two lifeguards came in and talked to us about the different flags we might see, when they are patrolling the beaches and the dangers of a rip current. 


We are all connected!

During our PSHE session this week we looked at how everyone in the world is connected. 

It doesn’t matter where we are from, our race, religion or background, we are all connected. We are all equal. 

We passed a ball of wool around the class to represent this idea and then discussed our thoughts and feelings on this idea and then created a ‘Human race’ collage out of images from newspapers. 

Drama enrichment

Ms Rogers from Coombeshead came again today to continue developing our singing, acting and dancing skills. 

We started off with some warm up exercises to warm up both our bodies and voices. 

Then we continued to practice our group dances and singing. 

I am extremely impressed with the children’s focus and enthusiasm for our performance and how quickly they have picked up the dances and songs. 

Debate time!

Today the town’s people gathered in Willow Class to debate the proposed plastic factory being built in the local area. 

There was lots of hustle and bustle as the children became their characters and met the other members of the community introducing themselves and asking about what they thought about the factory being built. 

The community members took their seats as the meeting was about to begin. 

They each had the opportunity to put across their thoughts about the proposal and why they had the opinion. 

Each child got really involved in this activity and used lots of persuasive language and facts to put across their opinion. At the end we voted. 

Against the build won 19 votes to 8. 

It was a great lesson. Well done everyone. 

Willow Class Gone Wild

Today we went to Paignton Zoo for the day.

We had the opportunity to walk around the Zoo looking at the many animals. We walked around with Year 3 looking at the different animals and their habitats.

After an hour, we stopped for a break and snack before getting ready for our workshops in the Education Centre.

Our workshop was called Fantastic Food Chains and animals teeth. Our workshop leader was called Tash. She helped us recap the different types of teeth we have and their functions. She then linked this to different animals and used skulls to help us identify if they were a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.

We then go the opportunity to put together two different food chains one from the rainforest and one from the desert. We discovered that the plant was the producer and then the animals were consumers.

We got to finish off the workshop by exploring the room and having the opportunity to hold the skulls, lift the elephants trunk and touch the different furs. Tash told us that these things came from 3 different places; some were donated, some were from animals that had passed at the zoo and the rest had been confiscated.

Then it was time for some fresh air and lunch in the wonderful sunshine.

We spent our last hour wondering around the rest of the Zoo looking at the animals we didn’t get a chance to look at in the morning.

We had such a fantastic day at the Zoo. Not only did we have lots of fun but we learnt a lot too.

Isabelle loved seeing the giant tortoise.

William enjoyed seeing the kangaroo.

Leo really enjoyed learning about the animal teeth and food chains.

Easter Hunt and bonnet parade

Today saw lots of fun activities which included the Easter bunny making an appearance to give us a small egg each after finding a painted rock. 

Then we all got to put on our amazing Easter bonnets, which clearly had a lot of time and effort spent on them. 

And we walked around the playground to show them off. 

The Easter story – special visitors

This morning we spent an our learning about 5e Easter story from some visitors from a group called I.C.E. 

They told us the story of how Jesus was betrayed by a friend so he went to pray in a garden about us worries. 

We wrote our own worries onto a flower and made a worry garden. We were told if we water our garden somethings I’ll grow. 

Then we heard how Jesus was taken away and crucified on a large wooden cross. The sky turned black and people said sorry. 

We wrote something we were sorry for onto a scroll and tied it up. 

Finally we learnt that Jesus was resurrected and that this brough hope to many people. 

We wrote our hopes or dreams onto a butterfly. Placed them around  picture of the empty tomb and lit a small (battery powered) candle. 

For now we have put these things on display in our classroom. But will be able to bring them home soon. We had a lovely hour and really enjoyed learning about the story and the activities we got to participate in.